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About Us

Jiangsu Jintai Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 , which located on Xingyuan Road, Yuanzhu Industrial Park, in Taixing, Jiangsu Province. With the accumulated years of scientific experiments and manufacture, our company has possessed sound quality management manuals and monitoring systems.

As a large comprehensive sealing technology enterprise, we specialize in researching, manufacturing and selling various types of seals, environment-friendly asbestos-free gaskets, specialized rubber material products and parts insulation materials for pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Moreover, we have formed a complete set with many industries such as shipping, power, iron and steel, chemistry, and machinery for many successive years.

Our products have achieved the CCS classification society quality system identification, participated in the world Expo in 2010, passed the CiT test for environmental protection and the Chinese Academy of Coal Sciences test, the national nonmetal test, etc.

Our company built the project of sealing sealing technology industrial park in 2012 and this project was put into production in December 2013. In this way, we cooperated with many foreign well-known brands, such as Garlock, Flexitallic, Novus(subsidiary agency)and sold their products and many other series of sealing products.

At the same time, we have a professional and vigorous foreign trade group which are equipped with rich experience. Also we establish a good partnership with many factories and companies in the world. These enable us to export goods to countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.

With our rich experience and firm confidence, we are able and eager to undertake various of major projects. Welcome to our company!

Why Choose Us


Our company has committed to the sealing field for more than 20 years. We have rich experience and technology accumulation. Many professional and excellent engineers have been cultivated throughout the years.

Company Strength

We possess our own factory which is over 17,000 square and more than 50 workers. We have equipped with semi-automatic production machines that are able to ensure the quality and efficiency. We can also apply to OME or ODM system.


Compared with other traditional factories, our factory has independent foreign trade group whose core is to satisfy the customers and share their burdens.

Reliable Quality

We achieved the ISO9001 certification of CCSC. We have the capability to carry out the research and development. Several patents have been developed before.

Our Team

With rigorous management and a first-class team, each link is operated in accordance with rigorous standard procedures to achieve excellence and achieve continuous self-surpassing.



3 years of rich experience in foreign trade especially in the field of sealing technology and solid foundation in related fields. Have a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit. Work conscientiously and have a high sense of responsibility.



Be organized and active in thinking, and full of good team spirit.
Have a high sense of responsibility, strong plan execution and strong pressure resistance.Have much professional experience.



Be familiar with product characteristics, and be able to plan, package and publicize the products.Have good communication, coordination and execution abilities, and work earnestly with strong sense of responsibility.