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Nofstein's main products are flange metal gaskets, gland packing rings, graphite packing, asbestos-free gaskets, and PTFE packing.

Nonmetal sheet 8700

It is a high performance gasket material for processes requiring neoprene rubber (CR) as a

Nonmetal Sheet 8200 8300

It is an excellent grade gasket compression plate, which is used in oil refining, petroche

Asbestos free gasket-Klinger material

It is a universal material for safe and reliable sealing.

Rubber Gasket

Rubber gasket are the most widely used of the gasket, it with polymer be vulcanized, addin

Expanded Graphite Molded Packing Ring

The expanded graphite molded packing ring can be molded into a ring according to size requ

Expanded Graphite Packing

The expanded graphite packing is made of high - quality low - sulfur expanded graphite wir

PTFE Graphite Packing

PTFE Graphite Packing is woven with graphite particles.

Spiral Wound Gasket

Basic type spiral wound gasket consists of a thin metallic s