Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400

  • Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400

Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400

Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400 is a unique high performance compression plate. It is an excellent gasket material for grade 150 and grade 300 in the medium of steam, weak and weak acid.

Product Details
Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400 can be used in chemical, pulp and paper, and other general industry process pipes and equipment because of its wide range of DH values.
1. Good sealing performance greatly reduces the user's production cost
2. Multifunctional gasket properties better than traditional economic gasket
3. Anti-viscosity reduces the cleaning time of sealing surface
4. Good compressibility and resilience to ensure its good sealing.
Asbestos-free compression gasket 8400 is composed of high-resistant phenol fibers and inorganic materials as well as high-quality nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) cement. The gasket material is suitable for the temperature range of aramid based materials and is much better handled and cut than carbon fiber and glass fiber plates.
Viscosity resistance:
All  compression pad materials have done a great deal of work in developing bond release with superior anti-viscosity properties. All JINTAJ compression gasket materials successfully passed the military standard MIL-G-24696B300° F/48hrs naval facility adhesion test.
ASTM standard performance is measured at 1/16 inch thickness, but ASTM F38 is measured at 1/32 inch thickness. These properties are for general reference only and cannot be used as a basis for acceptance or rejection. The data listed in this table are within the normal range of product performance and should not be used to prepare technical specifications or solely as a basis for design.
* Used when nominal pressure is above Class300. Please consult the representative office.
color Golden yellow
fiber benzophenol
Adhesive material Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR)
Suitable fluid medium Steam, oil, solvent, caustic soda, fuel, dilute acid, dilute alkali, hydrocarbon, refrigerant
density 1.7g/cm³(106lbs/ft³)
Tensile strength,ASTM F152 1800psi(12.4Mpa)
compressibility,ASTM F 36 8-16%
Rebound rate,ASTM F 36 50%
Applicable temperature  
range -100~70℉(-73~427℃)
Continuous operating temperature, maximum 554℉(290℃)
Fluid PH range (room temperature) 2-13
pressure,max 1500Psig(83 bar)
Fluid permeability resistance-ASTM F 146  
IRM 903 oil,5h/300℉/149℃  
thickness increase 0-15%
weight increase 15%
ASTM fuel B 5h/70℉/21℃  
thickness increase 0-15%
weight increase 15%
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 3.1×10^13ohm-cm
Insulation breakdown voltage,ASTM D 149 14.6KV/mm(371V/mil)
DIN3535 Gas permeability 0.03cc/min
Creep relaxation rate,ASTM F38 25%
flexibility,ASTM F 147 8x

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