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Carbon Fiber Gland Packing

Carbon fiber graphite packing is made of high-strength, high-modulus continuous carbon fiber filaments, which are softened and then woven. This kind of packing is impregnated with a mixture of graphite powder, molybdenum disulfide, and polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion, and undergoes high-temperature curing treatment. It has better chemical stability and thermal conductivity, as well as high strength, and is especially suitable for chemical applications. The seals of various rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps that are highly corrosive and contain granular media, especially the high-pressure ammonium methane pump and liquid chlorine pump of the urea system, show that it is a promising high-temperature and high-pressure resistant, strong Filler for corrosive media.

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  • Carbon Fiber Gland Packing
  • Carbon Fiber Gland Packing
  • Carbon Fiber Gland Packing







5Mpa(Rotary pump)

5Mpa(Reciprocating pump)


PH Value


Line speed

20M/S(Rotary pump)

2M/S(Reciprocating pump)


Available cross-section sizes





(1) The packing can be infiltrated with high-temperature lubricant as needed. Density: 1.60-1.70gcm³

(2) Iron red silicone strip elastomer can be added to the core of the packing as needed.


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